UYL Coaching Programme

👉 Life is one of the most lovable presents.

But it can be tricky and challenging when a part of it starts to darken the other ones, bringing us to a path difficult to exit.

This programme is here to bring back the fundamental, the values, the pillars  of your life.


It's mission is to make you love life, the life that you want.


UYL Business Quest

👉 You want to create your passionate business, but you don't know how to proceed.

With my signature programme, you will learn all tools, skills and "how to" to go from your passion to the enrollment of your Ideal Clients. 


Your Life, Your Rules

👉 This option is one of the best to slow down your overwhelming thoughts, open yourself to different perspective, and to get you back on track in a quick and easy way.

All of that with a very low investment.


Let me know your story

Before you take any decision, let's have a free breakthrough call together for you to tell me your story, see if you are open to coaching, and if we feel there is a fit about the possibility to work together.


About me


French London-based international perspective life coach and mentor, I love working with coachable people who want to reach the life they truly love.

The purpose here, my mission, is for you to get the outcome that you want from any event happening in your life.

In other words, to have the life that you truly love on your own terms.

Reach the Top



SKILL is my 5-step proven method to overcome your fears and reach your next level of success with freedom, fulfilment and piece of mind.

Videos & Social Medias

Find many supporting tips helping you to move on with your life or just on daily basis.


Helen S.

"I experienced 3 coaching sessions with Laurent and found him to be a very attentive listener and very easy to talk to.

He was always fully engaged and gently pushed me to delve a bit deeper and to be honest with myself.


I felt so much more motivated to achieve my goals after each session and he always gave me new perspectives on my situation.


A big bonus was his great sense of humour and if you are thinking of working with him I would say go for it! 


Feel free to use this on social media if it is helpful to you. 


Thank you for the sessions Laurent"



Lara O.

"From our very first coaching session, I felt at ease. I loved Laurent's enthusiasm and positive approach.

Laurent is very engaging, full of energy, knowledgeable and a great listener.

He also asked powerful questions that helped me to tap into my inner wisdom.

I was able to gain crystal clear clarity and I felt motivated to take action.

What had seemed like a big and daunting project became fun and manageable tasks.


In the time that I worked with Laurent I noticed my growth in confidence and my shift in mindset.


I would definitely recommend Laurent as a coach to help you get the results that you need."

Elizabeth A.

"When I started working with Laurent, I was in a difficult position where I had to make a decision that would impact greatly on my future. I was feeling lost, overwhelmed and uncertain of my choice to leave my 9-5 in the middle of a global pandemic, in order to launch my own business. That nagging critical voice in my head had taken over. 


I found Laurent very inspirational and motivating. He used powerful questions that help me overcome my self doubts and get crystal clear on my future goal.


 Another result of coaching and implementing the strategies Laurent shared, is that I feel much more confident and I am now thinking bigger, planning ahead and working smarter. I am much more productive in my day to day activities and can see the difference in my personal and business life. 


Thanks Laurent"

“I could tell you many stories about how coaching sessions can change your life.

Bottom line, nothing will be more relevant than the testimonials

from some those who used the services before."

Laurent Coste