French London based international coach and mentor, I love working with coachable people who want to get the life they truly love.

With a background from the hospitality industry where I’ve spent 20 years, 10 in the office world, I had the opportunity to be part of an organization giving me the chance to tick all boxes in my life. 

Up to the moment that the company took a new direction where its values were not resonating with mine anymore. Something had to change.

And after many white nights, I got my breakthrough and decided to leave the company and this job that I really loved.

Despite my background, my self-esteem and confidence were very low, so I used this opportunity to review my beliefs, emotions, attitudes, thoughts, life.

I applied the idea of the “why not?” and read more books about self-development over a year than ever before, joined many different workshops and trainings, started to talk to others outside of my regulars, and met amazing persons.

And this is it.

I decided to invest my time, energy and savings to the development and knowledge of my new passion, life coaching.

Now, I help my clients to get the life they truly love in their own terms.


How’s that?

By helping them to get the breakthrough I got many years ago.

The purpose here, my mission, is for you to get the outcome that you want from any event happening in your life.

In other words, to have the life that you truly love in your own terms.

Thank you for being here.

Now, in regards to my qualifications, outside of my many hours of experience in coaching and mentoring, I am qualified with a Personal Performance Coaching diploma from The Coaching Academy, and Life Coaching Diploma from the New Skills Academy, both accredited the International Coach Federation, ACSTH and CPD member.

I also have a Psychology diploma, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming certificate and a Mindfulness diploma from NSA.

And finally, a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management from the Swiss Hospitality Management School in Lausanne

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