Life is a succession of events and I truly believe that positive outcomes are dependent on our reactions to those events.


We've all had to face challenging situations, heart breaks, traumas and pains. Life is not a contest of who has suffered the most, I do not judge. It's all relative to each of us and we cope the best we can.

I completely empathise with those going through difficult times, and know there is light after dark. For you to understand how I gained this empathy, here's a bit of background.

 - Car crash: As a pedestrian a car collided with me, it hit me at 120km per hr. I was in a coma for 3 days and lost the visual acuity in one eye. It took me a year to be able to cross a road by myself. Did this event stop me from moving forward? No! I got on with it.

 - Drugs addiction: At a very dark time in my life I needed another reality, I used nearly everything that was available to me. I spent 5 years in this space, until I came to the realisation that my mental health was being affected by the continual use of hard drugs. Was it really who I wanted to be? No! Certainly not the best time in my life, but I've learnt a lot about how people can have a negative and/or positive impact on your behaviour and choices.

 - Parents got divorced: Whatever your age, divorcing parents will impact you on many levels! And it did in my case. Did it prevent me from finding love and getting married? No! I acknowledge the causes of a broken marriage and ensure I work to maintain a rewarding relationship with my wife.


 - Loneliness: After 8 semesters spent in a different country, feeling quite lonely, I was looking forward to celebrating this milestone with my family. Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances they couldn't make it at the last minute. Did it stop me from graduating and feeling the pride of a job well done? No! I saw it as a new chapter knowing they were proud of me.

 - Lost in the world: I spent time working in a country where I felt completely disjointed and at odds with my surroundings. Was it really what I wanted for myself? No! So I took control, I decided to take different position which meant moving to another country, where I didn't know much of the language, however the job worked out and to top it off I met my wife.


 - Nicotine addiction: I smoked for over 21 years and didn't feel good about it, taking many breaks at work I knew it was just another form of drug I was driven to take. Was it making my life better? No! So in less than a year I gave up smoking and was able to grab back a lot of time in my day to be more productive.

 - Values, Eyes opened and Getting fired: After 10 years of working in the same place I decided to really explore my personal values and discovered there was a huge gap between them and those of my 9 to 5 employer. My eyes were opened and with them the exit door. Time to cry or time to change? I decided to take it as THE opportunity to invest in myself for the first time. 


I worked on becoming a better person, loving more, listening more, letting go of my backpack full of toxic stories. I improved my knowledge on human behaviour, nature and psychology. I discovered my passion and purpose in life and learnt how to create and develop a successful business.  This was my time to be the driver and take back MY life!

Now in regards to my qualifications, I am a transformation and high-end performance business coach and mentor, certified by The Coaching Academy and the New Skills Academy, accredited by the International Coach Federation, ACSTH and CPD member. I also have a BSc in International Hospitality Management from one of the first hospitality & management schools in the world. And last but not least, I am proud to be a loving husband, dad and friend.

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