Simple Rules for a better Life

"Simple Rules for a better Life", has the only purpose to remind you the basic of nature.

Available end of 2020 for £9.99.

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The Society can make the Human Being act in a way against its own values.

How your mindset is a key?

How the efficiency of your life is linked to your focus?

Why is it vital to simplify?

How the information you decide to receive affect you and your world?

Why nothing is stronger than love?


Each chapter develops a basic rule. Each rule amazes by its simplicity. The simplicity opens to a new perspective. The perspective facilitates the idea of other options. Other option engages to new good action. The repetition of a good action creates new good habits. New good habits made my life even better. And I am convinced these rules will nothing less than improve your life.

Enjoy your life as much as I do.

  • The Shot:

    • 30-min session. We go straight to your situation and I give you recommendation about what you could do to make you move forward.

  • The Unlocker:

    • 60-min session. After a short introduction, you explain your situation. Then, by using my coaching skills, we investigate on potential solutions and actions available for you.