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Business Quest

A third of your adult life, approximately 90'000 hours will be spent at work.  
That's why your professional life influence so much your Life.
That's why it is so important to get the business you desire, in line with who you are...
...with the life that you truly love filed with more personal freedom, financial security, peace of mind and stress-free abundance.


What you will get:
  • Exclusive 8-week “Unleash Your Life Business Quest Programme”.
  • Detailed blueprints and guidance to clarify your message and make you the expert in your field.
  • To identify and connect to your Ideal Clients with confidence and certainty.
  • My proven method to overcome your fears and what is holding you back for you to keep moving ahead and reach your next level of success.
  • Weekly sessions together added to a constant follow-up and support.
  • The best accountability system on the market to keep you focused, on track and in effective action.
  • The keys, tools and skills to create your fulfilled business which will make you reach the life that you truly love.
  • More clients, personal freedom, financial security, peace of mind and stress-free abundance.​

What Clients Are Saying



Working though my situation, and looking at things afresh, I came to very important personal realisations. I was able to identify my real life blocks, the reasons I was so stuck, and then take actions to move forward. 

From his coaching, I have now moved country and am starting a whole new exciting chapter.

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I was in a difficult position where I had to make a decision that would impact greatly on my future. I was feeling lost, overwhelmed and uncertain of my choice to leave my 9-5.


I overcame my self doubts and got crystal clear on my future goal.


 I felt much more confident and I am now thinking bigger, planning ahead and working smarter. I am much more productive in my day to day activities and can see the difference in my personal and business life.

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I was able to gain crystal clear clarity and I felt motivated to take action.

What had seemed like a big and daunting project became fun and manageable tasks.


In the time that I worked with Laurent I noticed my growth in confidence and my shift in mindset.

"If you always do what you always done, you will always get what you always got." - Henry FORD
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Laurent Coste

Perspective Life Coach & Mentor, Laurent specializes in helping aspiring Entrepreneurs stuck in a fog of doubt and uncertainty to create the life and business they desire so they can reach more freedom, financial security, peace of mind and stress-free abundance.

The life they truly love on their own terms.

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